A Fresh Start

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Hello and welcome to the new website! Over the years I have had a few different web hosts, and for the past year decided I no longer needed a website. However, I soon realized that not having a space to share my images and my thoughts, without relying on just social media was not a good thing. So I decided to take some time and look at some new web hosts and found one that I really like. It's taken a number of weeks to decide on a design and fill the site with content. The plan is to be as active as possible on my blog, adding to it whenever I take the camera out to someplace new or sharing in a new or different adventure. I also would like to use it as a general blog for my various interests. 

The next thing I need to start considering is print sales. I have a few of my photos on various friends and families walls, including my own, and feel that some of my photos would make good additions for a wider audience. People have asked over the years about prints. So perhaps this could be something I will feature here down the road. The idea would be to sell some prints in various sizes and ship them out, sort of a one stop shop, rather than connecting to an outside vendor for printing. I'm currently looking into a means of doing this. 

In the meantime, take a look at the galleries and the content and bookmark this site to check back for updates!

Thank You, 

Michael Bruton

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